DOS: This is an enhanced version of Novell Userlist program.
DOS: Create netware groups from the command line. You can also add members to a group and grant a group trustee directory assignemnts.
DOS: Copy groups between file servers. It will also try and add members to the destination group as per the original group and any trustee directory assignments
DOS: Changes the ownership of files in directories (and optionally files in sub-directories) on Novell servers.
DOS: Batch file utility that will return error levels, depending on whether the current user is a member of the specified group or not. (NDS Aware)
DOS: Displays the amount of disk space a user has ownership of
DOS: Sets users volume restrictions
DOS: Copy mail directories from one server to another, allowing for the change in object ID's and optionally updating the users PMail.INI
DOS: Simple Who utility to show other users full name, object ID etc