WIN32: This is a replacement for the Novell popup message notification program. It's a slightly different approach in that it display the nessages one by one in an edit window, so they can be viewed, edited, saved etc. Version 2.0.2 Fixes some problems with the new Win95 clients
WIN32: This is a utility program, that notifies you when you get new mail messages. It's designed to work with Pegasus Mail, but could be used with other mail packages that create single text files for new mail messages
WIN32: This is a simple little password changer utility, it's mainly designed to change Netware Passwords, but the 32bit version is also capable of changing Windows NT passwords. (awaiting setup program)
WIN32: This is similar to the Novell DOS Map command, except that it's a Windows program, it's mainly designed to work with Windows batch languages that don't support Netware drive mappings. (awaiting setup program)
WIN32: RasNote is a Win95/NT4 Tray Icon utility that monitors your RAS/DUN connections and reminds you you're still on-line at specified intervals, and hangs up the line at a specified interval (after asking of course) Unfortunately although this utility was intended to run on Win95, it doesn't at the moment, since I use some calls that only work on NT4. I intend to work round this in a future version.
WIN32: TimeNote is a Win95/NT4 Tray Icon utility, that allows you to set reminder events that either popup a messagebox or run a program at the time you specifiy. These events can then be repeated if required
WIN32: This is a simple little utility that allows Netware 4 admin staff to search for users and change thier passwords and volume restrictions. (awaiting setup program)